Driven by Passion

We perform events and shows whose aim is to make any special moment unforgettable.

Each event is designed to meet the customer requirements with the purpose of arousing surprise and emotions.

We could talk about the prizes we have been awarded or tell you the work behind the combination of fireworks and music to enhance the spectators’ emotions but this would not be enough to make you understand the reason which urges us to go beyond our limits when we design a show.

Do you remember when we were children?

Do you remember all the summer nights spent with nose up, breath held looking at the dark sky and waiting for the whistling bright comets to break into million fragments of light? If you close your eyes, you can feel that delicate smell coming from the fields and hills where shaking in emotion we were waiting for the echo of the explosion to boom inside of us! Do you hear that ooohhh in amazement which thousand voices said out at the same moment, in front of the miracle of million colored sparklers which cannot be caught and that make our imagination fly high?

Well, it is in order to make that moment live again that we create the magic of the show.

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