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Have fun with non-professional fireworks

With our pirotechnical products all your party will be fun: we do not produce simplepops but shows of fireworks for the public in the same professional qualities of the great events.

Our non-professional products - toys - are intended for sale to the public, as provided by law, with or without a gun license according to the accommodation.

All of our items are guaranteed by the EC mark and products through constant technical control of our laboratory artifices to get higher quality effects and colors as well as to ensure maximum reliability and safety in all conditions of use.

Below you can find catalogs to browse online with our wide range of products for retailers and enthusiasts.
Shows, cones, flares and entertainment items distributed in national malls.
We also thought about your pets, producing silent pyrotechnics that can be used in all places where it is necessary not to disturb people around you.

Catalogues Martarello Group

Catalogues Consumer 2021

Catalogues Consumer 2021

General catalog of non-professional products of the Category
CE F2 - F3 in browsable PDF format.
By clicking on the images in the catalog, you can view the video preview of the products.

Catalogues Happy Fireworks 2021

Catalogues Happy Fireworks 2021

Martarello Happy Fireworks CE Category general product catalog in browsable PDF format.
By clicking on the images in the catalog, you can view the video preview of the products.

Our major national retailers
Always follow the precautions and our recommendations for use

All technical data and batch of origin of our products are available on-line

Registered professional customers can get all the business information with access to the private area.
If you are not yet accredited as a professional's or company's fireworks industry can apply to register to access the button below:

Professional accreditation

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