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Martarello Group at his own charge, with the help of consultants specialized in the sector of firing system, had studied, designed and tested innovative technologies that are used nowadays by the most part of firework companies in Italy.

The digital firing system is composed by modules and a Pc software which allow to create pyromusicale by synchronizing soundtracks to the fireworks breakings’ sequences in the sky.
The software includes a simulator for effects and issues reports and labels for the items to be used in the show.
A radio wave system ignites the fireworks and it is certified according safety directives. The system is marked CE and works though a s master consol both manually and automatically at a distance of 3 km by allowing the operator to work safely.

The fire doesn’t forgive. We work with explosives therefore the attention to safety is a priority. Each stage of a firework display from production, sale to execution is subject to constant checks preformed in compliance with the directives on Public Safety in force.

We own homologated vehicles for the transport of explosives as well as pontoons for aquatic shows, for this reason we are responsible for the compliance of certifications with the Italian regulations.
The norms issued by the Ministry of Interior are continuously updating but in order to relive the customer from the burden to keep himself informed about the latest news in matter of fulfillment of the law, we put our specific department for logistic and safety at customers disposition.

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