Martarello Tempo

Martarello Tempo fuse


MartarelloTempo is a new product planned, designed and manufactured in our company’s premises, strictly conceived for a professional use.

MartarelloTempo is a time delay fuse which allows pyrotechnicians, during the show set up, to execute in a quick, precise and safe way the regulation of the ignition time, between a device and the following, in shooting chains.

is produced in different items according to 7 different time delays, from 1.0 sec to 4,0 sec:

Art. C417/30100 ritardo di 1,0” sec. delay
Art. C417/30101 ritardo di 1,5” sec. delay
Art. C417/30102 ritardo di 2,0” sec. delay
Art. C417/30103 ritardo di 2,5” sec. delay
Art. C417/30104 ritardo di 3,0” sec. delay
Art. C417/30105 ritardo di 3,5” sec. delay
Art. C417/30106 ritardo di 4,0” sec. delay

MartarelloTempo is entirely made of a special paper with a barrier coating for waterproofing which lasts several hours.

Cardboard tube contains a delay fuse (Portuguese fuse quality) which avoids the problem of chain tug caused by the violent blast pressure that may happen with the use of traditional time delay units loaded with black powder only.

MartarelloTempo is provided with a 25 cm fuse already cut at the top by 1 cm which allows to speed up work during chains preparation.

MartarelloTempo's delay timing is immediately identifiable thanks to the different colors of paper to easily distinguish them during use.

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