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Art Direction: the power of vision

"All the great artists are those who can make other men see their own particular illusion." [Guy de Maupassant, Pierre e Jean, 1889]

Martarello Group resorts to a highly qualified and technically experienced staff for the realization of pyrotechnical displays. However, to make the public dream, to fascinate spectators, to keep adults and children’s eyes open wide up to the sky, the technical competence is not enough.

Fireworks are the quintessence of creativity: when they explode on the summit of their splendor, they immediately disappear. Anyway, their fleeting beauty is the magic that captures spectators.
Fireworks are planned and built in a very detailed way; people don’t know how they will be, people don’t know what will happen, people can only use the imagination.
The ability for visualization, in fact, is the most important quality of the Art Direction staff who not only knows full well fireworks, their structure and their scenic potentialities but also combines them with new effects and uses the mind’s eye to see the magic of bright trails in the sky.

This creative talent is combined with the capacity of blending colors and tones in order to create elegant, magnificent, unique and unforgettable displays.

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