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About us: our history, the origins and the future

Chi siamo


At the end of WWI, Giovanni, the founder of Martarello, returned home from Parma where he had worked in an ammunitions factory and devoted himself to realising a dream he had since he was 14: the hand-crafted production of fireworks.

In 1921 he founded his company in Arquà Polesine, near Rovigo.

His son Coriolano, a music lover and musician, followed in his father's footsteps. In 1949 he married a woman who became knonw as "la Maria dei Foghi", who bore him a son, Ermes, the current owner. When her husband died, this brave woman continued to manage the company. The locals remember how she would arrive in the village square, her car loaded with fireworks, and her five children always on tow.

Large companies are often the result of small stories of an individual’s courage and resilience. They grow strong when the times are good and stand by their country when the times are less favourable. They grow with people and provide an example of determination and optimism.
Their local surroundings make them stronger but they also give a lot back.

Martarello has grown together with its people.

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